BREAKING: Senate Rocked by Allegations that Politicians May Lie

694940094001_5345212355001_chuck-1020Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer is calling for a Task Force to look into recent allegations that have surfaced that politicians may not always be forthright and truthful. Citing a recent publications that has called into question the veracity of claims made by politicians, especially when campaigning for office, the New York Democrat said this marks an unprecedented turn of events that could force people to question the honesty and integrity of what elected officials tell them.

“I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach when I read that some elected officials may stretch the truth, leave out key details, and yes, perhaps even lie.” Schumer said in a news conference earlier today. “If people can’t believe politicians then it’s all over, we should just pack our bags because democracy is finished.”

Schumer, who assured reporters that he never made outrageous or misleading comments, and that he has never left out facts even when they weren’t necessarily relevant to a discussion went on describe a doomsday scenario where people began to lose faith in their politicians and the overall approval ratings of bodies like the House and Senate could hit record lows, with people viewing them as dishonest and self-interested. When asked if it was possible for a someone to just forget or perhaps misspeak, Schumer stated that he believed it was all the same and that politicians needed to hold themselves to the highest possible standard.

“For the good of the country anyone who lies, stretches the truth or misspeaks, should step down. If they don’t I will make it my mission to ensure that they are brought forward and exposed,” He said, “This is about credibility.”

Schumer is not the only top Democrat making waves over these allegation. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has gone on the record demanding a Special Prosecutor to be appointed to investigate these charges, stating that she would personally see to it that any politician caught lying would be forced to resign. When asked who she envisioned for this position of Special Prosecutor, the California Democrat responded by stating she didn’t have any idea who Jonathan Gruber was but that he seemed like the logical choice.

As of the call for resignations early today 92 senators, and 420 Congressman have stepped down, stating the deep relief they felt that they could alleviate their consciences of the guilt of potentially lying to the people. When asked to comment on this turn representatives for Senator Schumer state he was too busy demanding Secretary of State Rex Tillerson divest from Exxon to respond.


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