Impeach Early, Impeach Often


Watching the protesters take to the street it is hard to ignore the defiant shouts of “Not My President” or the signs that claim “Illegitimate President.” Since November there have been any number of people who have been horrified by the election results, and have found themselves trying to figure out a way to keep him from moving forward with his agenda. Having tried to move the Electoral College to support another candidate and failing the focus of some have turned to other methods. Among these methods, is the call to Impeach Trump.

Even before he was sworn in, and less than a day after, people advocated using Article II, Section Four of the Constitution to remove President Trump from office. Yet no cause can be shown as to why except that they do not like him. They do not like his agenda, and they do not agree with his platform, he has made appointments to Cabinet they don’t like and spoke and acted in ways they don’t like. At it’s heart is a call to essentially politicize the impeachment process and make it into nothing more than a partisan weapon that can be wielded whenever one does not like an election result.

In this full length episode Wyatt talks about the dangers of pushing for impeachment before it is time and before it is right, the dangers of rushing the process. He goes through what the Founders intended and what impeachment really means as a part of the path to removing a President from Office. Join him for another journey into politics and the Constitution.


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