December 21st, 1620

landing-baconOn December 21st, 1620 the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock in what would become known as Massachusetts Colony, establishing the first permanent colony in New England. Having originally intended to settle in Virginia, these English Separatists were unable to reach their original destination because of the winter weather. Forcing them North they would make landfall originally in Cape Cod where they would sign the now famous Mayflower Compact. Yet early encounters with the Nauset tribe would force them to reconsider their originally plans to settle. The decision was made to move to Plymouth. In many senses Plymouth Rock became the thing of legends, a symbol for freedom even as these Pilgrims established an early democracy in their midst. Though beaten by Virginia House of Burgesses by a year, it was a move by these colonies to establish that idea of a government of the people that still is meant to guide our republican ideals. Though more than half of the Pilgrims would die in that first harsh Massachusetts winter, it set the stage for a fast growing, self-sufficient colony, one that, within five years, would be able to stand on its own. Perhaps these Puritans did not always stand as firm to their belief in religious freedom as they had intended when the felt the heavy hand of persecution bearing down on them, but still, they would give voice to rights that had for so long been ignored or violated


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