Breaking News: The Fragile Freedom You Can’t Afford to Miss

We have heard a great deal about Fake News as of recent. After this recent Presidential Election there have even been calls for Congress and the government to do something about it. Legislation needs to be passed or we need laws. After the Planned Parenthood shootings and what happened in a small pizza parlor recently it isn’t hard to see why people believe that. Yet our Founders put the clearly in the First Amendment that no law would should be enacted that would abridge Freedom of Speech or Freedom of the Press. Surely though, in light of these events, exceptions can be made.

In this Episode of Fragile Freedom Wyatt talks about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press and why it is so significant. This isn’t just an abstract idea or an abstract thought, but comes down to our very nature and our ability to express ourselves, to think for ourselves, to be ourselves. Time and time again the Supreme Court has upheld Freedom of Speech, and overturned restraints on prior speech because they believed that our liberty was at stake. The reason why, as soon as one can control your speech they control your ability to think and the worst encroachments on liberty happen then.

Join Wyatt for this new episode as he continues his defense of our First Amendment right to Free Speech in this episode of Fragile Freedom and arm yourself better for your debates on the issue.


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