In Defense of the Electoral College

Amidst the calls that we abolish the Electoral College, last week on Fragile Freedom, we talked about the Popular Vote Model, breaking down the system to discuss if it truly was the superior form of electing a President. This week Wyatt is back to talk about the Electoral College itself as he discusses what the Founding Fathers intended and why the system is in place to begin with.

Rejecting the notion that the system of choosing Electors is simply flawed, archaic system that undermines the principles of democracy, in this episode Wyatt talks about the careful amalgamation of Federal and National systems the Founders intended as they established a system that respected the equality of all states, recognizing them as partners in union even if the population divide sometimes made them uneven partners. In this understanding he takes the time to get to the bottom of the question of whether or not the Framers made a mistake and if it is time to change or if the College is still as necessary today as it has ever been.


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