Why Not the Popular Vote?

Fragile Freedom is back with a new episode.

With the 2016 Election Results in Donald Trump won the Electoral College while losing the Popular Vote to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, becoming our 45th President-Elect. Amidst chants of “Not my President” it has created questions about the legitimacy of his presidency in the minds of some. How, after all, can a person be elected President if they do not have a clear majority, or, at the very least, a plurality of the Popular vote. This has lead to renewed calls by many to abandon the Electoral College System and adopt a popular vote model in selecting our President. The point made is that the Electoral College is an archaic and antiquated model created by 18th century Statesman with little to no understanding of 21st century life, and that by rejecting the popular vote we are rejecting the will of people.

In this episode Wyatt McIntyre explores the question of the popular vote and why it might not be as wonderful as some may lead the public to believe. Looking through the example of plurality and run-off elections, he talks about the danger of factions, the possibility of electing a leader with less than a quarter of the vote, legitimizing contentious and divisive parties through artificial majorities and the reasons why the Founding Fathers wanted a better system for us than a pure democracy.


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