Thoughts from Fragile Freedom

Perpetually we are told that the Second Amendment does not, or should not apply because when it was drafted and ratified as a part of the Bill of Rights the most deadly weapon was the Musket. Currently we have considerably more dangerous weapons on the market that can do damage and harm beyond anything the Founding Fathers could have ever imagined and thus we need to disregard the Right to Bear Arms as nothing more than a bygone relic of a bygone era.

Disregarding the fact that by 1717 the Puckle Gun, though with inherent design flaws, became the world’s first Machine Gun and that in 1780 the Girandoni Air Rifle became the first repeat action rifle, and the gun that Thomas Jefferson equipped Lewis and Clark with in 1805, to argue away the Constitution because of technological advancements is a dangerous road to go down. Any number of advancements have been made since 1791 that were beyond anything the Founding Fathers could have ever dreamed of. The Internet, medical treatments that would replace bloodletting, automobiles. Do we then disregard Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech, the Right against Illegal Searches and Seizures when it comes to any technology that was not present in 1791 when the Constitution Convention first met?

In these Thoughts from Fragile Freedom Wyatt McIntyre explores that topic and the erosion of our fundamental rights that goes with revising the Bill of Rights with no real thoughts as to the consequences of our actions.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from Fragile Freedom

  1. Followed*, you left out, Flamethrowers, flamethrowers are completely legal, but you guys with your semi auto weapons.. we can’t have that kind of dangerous weapons…lol


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